Wednesday, October 24, 2018

DCarsonCPANET Next Gen DCarsonCPA built on GRLSTEM

DCarsonCPANET Next Gen DCarsonCPA built on GRLSTEM:

Quick Update here to these as some of Our Oldest Lines on the Key Points we are rolling forward Next Gen DCarsonCPA lines as follows:

DCarsonCPANET at for the UX and user friendly light and lean for the 8 Second Team for those with the unwillingness or inability to reach beyond 8 seconds focus.

For those ready for the more quality in depth approach #DCarsonCPA lines are stepping #DCarsonCPAClassic #Economist and #Analyst lines and Core Services lines.

Current Roll Forward Value is Focused on:

DCarsonCPA Classic


GRLSTEM on #Growth #RiskManagement and #Logistics  add #DCarsonCPAMFCOne #DCarsonCPAonAdvisory and #DCarsonCPAPRTCLines on Comms rolled into


as the Lean Machine Roles forward with the Key Points to help on End to End needs on Entity, Policy and Community lines to teamwork through analysis where Financials , Legal and Technology meet in the Framework and the pinnacle of Our skills is to bring Abstract and Core Value lines together for #ValueinContext where Data, Data Science, Financials, Legal, Technology and Teamwork meet to help on Entity Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Government and Community lines to needs on Teamwork where Our Skills across Services, Applied Research and Outreach can help.

We bring GRLSTEM Core Financials and Abstract Analysis to Value in Context to help on multi-dimensional Financial and Aligned Decision Making needs. #DCarsonCPA

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Checking in on the Key Points

The Key Points was one of the First Formulative Lines of #DCarsonCPA on Our pathway of  evolved Economist, Analyst, Legal, Financial, Technology and Social Research  that followed to define the evolving lines of DCarsonCPA:

DCarsonCPA Main  CPA Services and evolved Economist, Analyst, Risk, Statistican, Actuarial, Trade, Commerce, Regulatory, Compliance, Tax, Technology and Social Research lines to Domestic and Global Financial Decision Making.

DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on Communications

DCarsonCPA On FB ( one of three now four reading rooms)

DCarsonCPA Entity and Cross Sector Lines 

DCarsonCPA on Advisory

DCarsonCPA MFC One on #Growth and #Risk

GRLSTEM by DCarsonCPA #CFO #PM #BA #STEM #DataScience #ProjectManagement #BusinessAnalysis #Technology #programming

DCarsonCPA New Lines in Development

We are running through some betas on New Simplified lines for DCarsonCPA on Services, The links below point to some current progress under review.

The Current Plan is to work with a new light overlay line to simplify connecting on needs.

As Always you can find us at

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Checking in on the Key Points

Some quick updates to cross reference:

Find your way to the update lines at DCarsonCPA on Risk Management and on Taxation .

And the Daily Core Lines at Entity and Sector Lines and the LOBs .

We will be back with more soon to the key points but in the meantime these are some relevant lines on recent updates to follow where we meet on Services, Research and Outreach to help the needs of  Entities in the Economy and Financials.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mapping in for the New Year 2015

Mapping in for the New Year 2015

The Key Points was originally the Launch point for Our Lines at DCarsonCPA as a centralized line to follow the points of updates where Financials and new regulations were meeting at that point.

We built strong skills with the lines for points to support Compliance and Legal Workflows in compliment to Financials and the needs on Strong Controls for Risk Management in the Financial and other sectors.

The journey we undertook to learn  about ALL of the points where Financials, Legal, Economics, IT and Communications meet for Industry, Non Profits, NGOs, Governments (Local, Multi-State, National and Global) was a rewrding one with many different directions and a substantial amount of resources and energy placed to Research working with Financials, Laws, Rules, Economics, Statistics and some to the best minds in Industry, Non Profit, NGO and Government lines to fill in the Gaps on Our Awareness on Calls, In Journals, On Research and mossaic sourced Analysis. We worked from a perspective of learning more about the many points where Financials are at work to help on needs on growth in the Economy.

Through the key points grew our interests and commitments to find ways to help Entities succeed more on growth with efficiency, and to find ways to help on the Economy where Our skills connect.

These days you can find many of the key points as follows:

DCarsonCPA by LOBs on Services

DCarsonCPA on Linkedin:

DCarsonCPA on Entity and Cross Sector Lines (on the Economy and Financials)

Covering Global and Domestic Economics, Financials, Legal Support Services, Project Management and Business Analysis (w/ IT Data and Cyber Security Lines along with Communications, Data, Research and Analysis), Core Financials, Tax Services lines and more. Our Business Model is based on Services, Research and Outreach to help on the Economy, Efficiency, Growth and Improvements as evolving on the pathway of Global Decision Making Research and the cross functional skills are also well suited for Risk Management and Deep Support lines to Economic and Policy Research as we grow to include Economic and Legal skills to a strong base of now 20+ years on Financials.

We trained up for the Leadership lines for Boards, Directors, Senior Management and the Staff Development points for the Industry lines and for the Executive, Legislative and Judicial points on Financials to optimally understand the moving parts of Industry, Government, Non Profits,NGOs and Individuals / Families and Communities working together in the Economy as we evolved a reduction template of Global Decision Making Research for most any needs where we meet on Services, Research and Outreach.

The Result of which is strong problem solving skills for on demand needs and a very large ability to help on challenges where cross sector lines meet Economics, Statistics, Financials, Laws,Rules and Governance and the IT lines help for Services, Research and Outreach.

We can help on Strategic needs at the overview level or map to specific lines of needs in more detail depending on Client needs on demand.

Tax Season 2015 is expected to be a challenging year based on IRS needs and budgets. Fortunately we began on the Tax lines several years back and mapped the strong lines of comprehensive research to be an Asset to Clients in times like these and we can help on Entity and Individual / Family lines of needs with strong skills on Tax Services. We've built strong skills through daily lines of research as overlays to a strong foundation of core skills in CFO/ Controlling and Lean Management Consulting and the net result is many a way to help on needs through Financials, Tax, Compliance and Managerial Accounting skills. The mapped in overlay is deep Economic, Legal, IT, Financial, Finance and Societal Research skills focused on the value of Financials to needs across sectors and those are skills that can help at many a varied point in the Economy for Leadership lines of Entity needs and related lines on Project Services and Research.]

Learn more at DCarsonCPA where we connect on Services, Research and Outreach.

2010 - 2012 was a robust period of 3 years on deep research to the lines where Laws and Financials meet in the Economy, By 2013 we had moved into the next level of following the lines on Economics and Statistics at work as the key tools to help on the Economy and working in ever increasing ways on background research on Laws, Rules, Financials, Industry, Non Profits, NGOs,  Gov and Individual / Families and where we all meet in the Aggregate. More can be found and understood at find ther readers on Financial Decision Making Research, Knowledge Support and more as key point and DCarsonCPA by LOBs is a fast track to many but not ALL the points we can help in as many lines are held for services where we bring the pieces together for applied value to Client needs. We focus Our lines on Growth, Efficiency, Improvements, Strong Controls, Financials and Change Management within the relevant framework of working with the knowledge that runs through Financials, To Entities, to the Economy and Back for Value.

Friday, September 20, 2013

TFOG 9/20/2013 - Credit Risk Retention - Prop. Rule

(TFOG) Today from Our Government - following the rules that bind and the updates on financials and compliance:

Treasury Update on Credit Risk Retention - Prop Rule.:

Following the update lines on Decision Making on Financials, available to assist the Entity needs on Financials, Accounting, Taxes, Compliance, Advisory, Financial Analysis, Business Analysis and more. DCarsonCPA is your link to the Practice of Dean T. Carson II, CPA where we work with knowledge, experience, teamwork and research to support the needs of Industry, Governance, Non Profits and Individuals/ Families in the Economy.

We care about the line of Opportunities in the Economy and are here to help Entities meet the needs on Financials and Compliance through project services. In the broader estate of the Economy we work with research in support of helping on the challenges in Local, State and Public Finance to help support the lines of Leadership Decision Making on Financials. We work on the center line where we ALL meet as stakeholders in support of Economic Growth and Full Recovery. Our purpose is to help clients on Direct Services and to support the lines of Research on the Economy to help build Economic awareness  in support of Economic growth and the broad lines of opportunities in the Economy. You can learn more at