Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Investor Protection Awareness - is a key personal Obligation for any Investor

Investor Protection Awareness (IPA) is a key personal Obligation for any Investor, to be willing to Invest in Capital Markets or other Investments, a prudent first step is to inform yourself about how Financial Investments and the Markets work. This process begins with an Individual taking responsibility for their interest to invest by preparing with some reasonable learning on the front end to make better informed Investing decisions and to protect their Individual Assets. While Investing is a personal decision and a personal responsibility, our government at the Federal and State levels works very hard to assist in educating consumers on how to best protect themselves in the process and these efforts are referred to as "Investor Protection Awareness." We care about your Business and your Finances as CPAs and Trusted Advisors so we wanted to take some time here to share these resources for your in an easy to find manner for your best benefit in consideration of Investments.

On the Federal Level the SEC's website is a good starting point, next up we recommend FINRA's (SRO of the Financial Industry) site Thereafter you can find more information on Investor Protection Awareness that is broader than Financial Markets at the State Levels for many areas of Personal Financial Decision making. The IPA websites are generally on your State Attorney Generals websites and if you should have related issues with Investment Fraud or attempted Fraud, your State OAG is there to help, if the issue crosses state lines - call the SEC and they can help.

We are providing links for New York (NY), Connecticut (CT),  California (CA) and Texas (TX) if we did not cover your area please Google "Investor Protection Awareness" or go to your State Attorney General's website (we used CT Dept. of Banking for CT IPA) as a key start point to find your state level IPA.

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